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Artistic – Rediscovering the Artist in You

It is a social habit that we identify a person by his/her profession. But we often come across a banker or an IT professional who plays guitar very well or has a good skill in painting. In such cases, isn’t the banker also an artist? Or is it that only someone who practices art professionally can be called an artist?

Art – A Medium of Transmission and Interpretation
Renowned Russian author Leo Tolstoy once said, “Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.” It is quite obvious that, as humans, all of us have feelings. And in our day-to-day life, there are many feelings which exalt us – like looking at beautiful flower with dewdrops on it or at a laughing child. We speak of these feelings, we capture them on our smartphone cameras. It is our way of ‘transmission’ of that feeling.

Art is an important medium for the transmission of feeling. It is not only transmission, but also interpretation of feeling. So in a painting of a flower with dew on it, you are also expressing what you felt when you saw that flower – the happiness, the freshness, the beauty you felt within. Thus, art in itself is a form of expression that allows you to convey your innermost feelings with clarity and aesthetic value. Unlike direct conversations, art allows you to throw away all the garbs and be honest about what you feel.

CNKM Artistic – Courses that Explore the Artists in You

Chitraleela Niketan Kala Mahavidyalaya (CNKM), with the vision to hone the artist in you, offers 3 special courses in Artistic. The courses are for anyone who is in touch with his/her artistic self and wants to fine tune these skills. The courses cover different techniques of painting across various mediums, along with specializations. They are people from any walk of life – from any profession, of any age (above 18).

Certificate and Diploma Course in Mix Media
These two courses (Diploma (1 year) and Certificate Course (6 months) train aspiring artists in five important mediums of painting – pencil, charcoal, water colours, oil and acrylic colours. The courses enable you to handle these mediums confidently across art forms. Through the course, you can become find out about which medium suits your way of expression.

Diploma – Specialization
This one-year course gives you time and direction to explore a particular art form. You can develop your skills in             Portrait, Landscape, Still Life and Design. Through continuous discussions and assignments, you get a chance to sharpen your observations, practice techniques and develop your individual style.

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