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Learn the basic skills to step in Fine arts career

Govt. Grade Art Exam

Elementary & Intermediate | English & Marathi
Instituted by DOA, Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra
Skills Learned
  • Draw objects with proportions & measurements
  • Learn basic art skills like lines, shapes, forms, patterns
  • Understand the composition, colour schemes, mediums
  • Develop your own artistic methodology to draw
  • Create, design & express your own creative ideas
  • Learn the dynamics & applications of geometry in art
Course Brief
  • Elementary – Basic Level of Drawing Exam, in which your basic art skills like line, form, shape, pattern, proportion and understanding of drawing get developed. After this exam you can appear for Intermediate level exam.
  • Intermediate – Beginner Level of Drawing Exam to make a path towards career in Art, in which your skills like perspective, depth, drawing & coloring sense and understanding of skills for art get improved. Successfully completing this exam, student will be eligible for Foundation (1 Year Diploma) Course after the 10th. After Foundation the student will be eligible for 4 years Specialization Diploma. (In Painting / Commercial Art / Sculpture)

* SSC Board students get the benefit of extra marks in 10th marksheet by appearing both the exams.



  1. Object Drawing
  2. Memory Drawing
  3. Design
  4. Plane Geometry & Lettering


  1. Still Life
  2. Memory Drawing
  3. Design
  4. Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry & Lettering
Duration 6 Months for each course
48 Classes, 2 days a week
4 Subjects in Elementary
4 Subjects in Intermediate
Exams in Sept. of every year
Certification by State Govt. MAH
Results in Gradation system A, B & C
Legacy in Art Education since 1960!

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