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Diploma Course to pursue Fine Art Career

Govt. Foundation

Learning Fundamentals of Art | English & Marathi
Instituted by DOA, Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra
Skills Learned
  • Draw & colour the realistic forms & effect of objects
  • Apply the techniques in sketching & painting
  • Organise the shapes, forms and illustrate it in design styles
  • Develop the concept by craft skills using different materials
  • Create & design colour schemes with various shades
  • Explore the history of art
Course Brief

Foundation Course is Affiliated by Directorate of Art, Govt. of Maharashtra. Considered as a base course to start a career in art, to follow 4 year diploma after completion of this 1 year course. In this course, the basics of art get polished in the areas like fundamentals of art, design elements, 2D & 3D study, styles of lettering etc.


* Candidate can appear for Intermediate & Foundation exam in one academic year.


1) Nature Drawing
2) Man made (Object) Drawing
3) 2D Design
4) 3D Design
5) Colour Theory + Practical
6) History of Arts
7) Class Work

8) Print Making
9) Memory Drawing
10) Perspective
11) Lettering/Calligraphy
12) Sketching (Outdoor)

Examination – Exam will be conducted of total 700 Marks (Subjects 1 to 7)
*Candidate with 100% submission & 75% attendance qualify for Final Examination.

Duration – 1 Year (June to April)
1st Semester – June to November
2nd Semester –December to April
Time – 6 Hours Daily
Days – 181 working Days
Intake – 30+
Certification by Government of Maharashtra
Legacy in Art Education since 1960!

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