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for anyone who is artistic & wants to develop art skills


Meet the Artist in yourself | English & Marathi
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Skills Learned
  • Observe the composition, colour schemes, mediums.
  • Understand the fundamentals of painting
  • Invent & develop own painting style
  • Demonstrate the art skills to others
  • Recognize the different painting techniques
  • Organize & exhibit own painting show
Course Brief

This Course upgrades knowledge about various artistic mediums, subjects and develop the artistic skill to the level of a professional artist. After going through this course, you will be able to express your thoughts creatively in your own style using any media.
In order to hone the artist within you, at CNKM we offer 3 special courses in the Artistic domain. The courses are for anyone who is in touch with his/her artistic self and wants to fine tune these skills. The courses cover different techniques of painting across various mediums, along with specialisations. Candidates of this course can be from any background, profession or age (above 16). This is an open program available for everyone.


Certificate and Diploma Course in Mix Media
These two courses (Diploma (1 year) and Certificate Course (6 months) train aspiring artists in five important mediums of painting – Pencil, Charcoal, Water colours, Oil and Acrylic Colours. The courses enable you to handle these mediums confidently across art forms. Through the course, you can become find out about which medium suits your way of expression.
Diploma – Specialization
This one-year course gives you time and direction to explore a particular art form. You can develop your skills in Portrait, Landscape, Still Life and Design. Through continuous discussions and assignments, you get a chance to sharpen your observations, practice techniques and develop your individual style.

6 Months Mix Media Certificate
1 Year
Mix Media Diploma
1 Year
Specialization (Subject/Style)
Twice a week,
convenient batches
Project Work with Guidance
Certification by CNKM
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