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Art as a skill

Art – An Essential Skill for Life
As parents, many times we observe that our children excel in certain art. Some are good at drawing, some at dancing and some at singing. While we always encourage them and allow them to pursue it, it is never our career plan for them. Even today, we see art as a hobby, something to be done in spare time. Not as something which needs to be polished, to be made better with skill.

Building skills is crucial when it comes to developing professional abilities in any field. The same applies to art. Yes, inherent abilities do play a part. Like you might notice that your child has always been good at drawing. But if the ability is not honed, not given direction, it is difficult to build a professional career in it.

Art as a Life Skill
Beyond the professional aspects, art is also an important ingredient of our daily lives. Practicing any art helps you build four crucial qualities – Ideation, Aesthetic, Creativity and Focus. These can help you in a job as simple as tending your garden. Let us look at these points with this analogy:

This is the power to conceive new and refreshing ideas. It is vital in art since every piece of art demands something new. For example, in the context of gardening, thinking of new themes for the garden will be easier when you are used to ideation as an artistic skill.

Aesthetics is the study of beauty and the understanding of proportion. It helps you in striking balance in everything you’re working upon and keep the aspect of beauty alive in it. In the context of gardening, knowledge of aesthetics can help you to create a captivating design for the garden.

Creativity is the ability to think out of the box, to imagine new combinations and throw completely new light on things. In a garden, it can be simply the arrangement of plants into similar and dissimilar patterns.

The most important gain from art is concentration and a larger focus. While working on details with attention, you never lose the vision of the larger picture. Like in a garden, every small plant contributes to the larger design.

The four qualities are intrinsic to any field. So even if you intend to be a marketing professional, you will need a strategy (ideation), designing campaigns (aesthetics), propagating the message in different ways (creativity) and concentrating on a specific output (focus). In professions like engineering and architecture, skills in an art like painting can be of direct importance.

CNKM – A Place to Build Artistic Skills

The Chitraleela Niketan Kala Mahavidyalaya (CNKM) is founded with the idea to build artistic skills that contribute to the overall development of an individual. We have courses that help children, teenagers and even adults to explore the artists in them. With proper training in various mediums of painting, we impart skills necessary for professional practice and for improving your personality.

We consider it extremely important that the artist in your child flourishes. Whatever might be his/her career choice in the future, we believe that the artist in him/her will always play a role in enriching them. As the renowned painter, Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” At CNKM, we intend to preserve that artist in you.

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