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Art as a career

Asmita was always good at drawing. But it was not just that. She had the ability to paint her imagination, abstract thoughts and even recreate beautiful locations. But when it came to her career choice, her parents were apprehensive. They were not able to understand if she could build a lucrative career in this field. Of course, they wanted her to lead a successful professional life. But now the times have changed. The scope and opportunities in the art field have increased by multifold for Asmita or any other young student like to build a successful career. Let’s try an understand the scope and options for students to become artists.


When it comes to scope in the art field, we must understand that it is not only about becoming a fine artist. In today’s times, there are several industries that require such artists such as Animation, Digital Illustrations, Corporate or Feature Films, E-Learning Portals, and most importantly the ever-growing gaming & App industry.

Also, aspiring students of the art can also become commercial artists, that include skills such as graphic designing, 2D or 3D animation and advertising. Apart from working as artists in such industries, students can also look at the option of teaching at various institutes. There is always a dearth of good art teachers and that also can become a lucrative career option. With developing technologies, techniques and career options, the scope to build a career as an artist has widened.

Available Courses  

There are various art courses available for students to pursue. G.D Arts (Government Diploma in Arts) is the most suitable course for those who want to build their careers as fine artists or commercial artists. After passing the 10th, a student can immediately take admission for a foundation course. After completing this course, students have an option to pursue either fine arts or G.D. Art as a specialization in Commercial / Painting / Sculptor for 4 years. This is a complete 5 years course but passing elementary and intermediate examinations is a basic criterion.

There are also courses such as ATD (Art Teachers Diploma) which is also a 2-year government approved course necessary to become an art teacher in primary or secondary schools.

Apart from these Government diplomas, students can also pursue courses from private or government-approved institutes regarding fundamentals of drawing and painting as well as skills such as developing computer games, animation or digital art.

CNKM: A Career Launching Platform

At CNKM, we have been conducting various art courses for three decades. We conduct ATD and a Foundation year of G. D Arts. We also train students to appear in elementary and intermediate examinations. Apart from these fundamental courses, we conduct art classes and guidance courses such as Artistics to nurture an artist with young students. At CNKM, we believe that ‘ART IS NOT JUST A HOBBY, BUT A SKILL’ that is required to build a great career and develop as sensitive and compassionate human beings.

So, if your young children are saying that they want to become artists when they grow up, don’t be scared. Let them be creative, pursue their dreams and become the real sculptors of their lives

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